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Sportsman’s Paradise

Montana Has Millions of Acres of Native Prairie Habitat

Just Waiting for Bison to Return

Photo Credit: Tony Bynum

Expanding Hunting Opportunities

Limited Hunting Today:

Henry Mountains, Utah: 87 permits; Gardiner Basin, Montana: 40 permits; West Yellowstone, Montana: 40 permits; Wyoming: 90 either-sex permits, 225 cow permits; Custer State Park, South Dakota: 8 trophy bull permits, 25 cow/non-trophy permits; Chitina, Alaska: 4 permits; Copper River, Alaska: 48 permits

Potential for Montana’s C.M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge:
Hundreds of permits … or more!

Photo Credit: Tony Bynum

Biggest Game

Hunters Have a Shot at Tremendous New Opportunity

We've Restored All the Rest. Now Let’s Bring Back Wild Bison

Photo Credit: Bob Lanka

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Hunter-Conservationists have achieved tremendous success in restoring America’s native wildlife. Restoring wild, free-roaming bison to suitable habitat on public land will be our crowning success.

Bison on the Horizon

Once covering North America by the millions, bison were driven to the brink of extinction by the late 19th century. We saved them, but just barely. Today wild bison persist in a few enclaves, mostly Yellowstone National Park and the Henry Mountains of Utah. Most bison exist as captives in refuges or as privately owned livestock. No wild bison freely roam native prairie habitat. Desirable hunting opportunities for wild bison are extremely limited.

But that could soon change.

We’ll never again see vast herds of bison. But the State of Montana is studying the possibility of establishing a significant herd of wild bison in the 1.1-million-acre Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge and millions of acres of adjacent public land – all accessible and open to hunting. With this new herd could come tremendous new hunting and wildlife-watching opportunities.
Strong support from sportsmen will make all the difference – it always has. Sign the petition to bring wild bison home to the ideal habitat waiting in north-central Montana.